Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Noctis Fan Server?
A: The Noctis Fan Server, which is still in initial development, is an apply-to-join community-based Minecraft Server. The map will be in Survival mode, with the exception of the spawn area which will be limited to Adventure Mode.

Q: What does Noctis mean?
A: Noctis means "Night" in Latin; the server's name is a derivative of the main server -- Superstes Noctis -- which is a private server that does not accept applications.

Q: Can I join the Noctis Fan Server?
A: You can fill out an application here. We are not reviewing them yet, but you can apply now!

Q: When will the Noctis Fan Server be online?
A: We don't know for sure. We are working hard to get it up and running as soon as possible, which will hopefully be Summer or Fall 2016; we need to finish building spawn and get our Bukkit plugins running as we want before the server can officially start running.

Q: Does being a member of Noctis cost anything?
A: We never planned on charging for Noctis; Mojang's new EULA for 1.8+ also prevents us from charging people for many things on the server. We will, however, require donations to keep the server running since we'll need to cover the costs of hosting.

Q: Will I get anything for donating?
A: If you leave your Minecraft username in the "notes" section of your donation through PayPal, we'll figure out some way to thank you in-game. Mojang's EULA for 1.8+ limits how we can reward donators, but we will do what we legally can to thank you for your contribution.

Q: Can I participate in the server's development?
A: We are currently in a closed beta phase, with only the server's admins working on it. We plan on having an open beta once we've built spawn and have our plugins figured out, so stay tuned and apply to join the server if you're interested in helping with the beta test.

Q: Will I get any special rewards for participating in the open beta?
A: There will be special in-game rewards for those who help us in the open beta, but they have yet to be decided at this time.

Q: How can I keep up-to-date with the server?
A: This website is your best resource. Timothy also posts content on Twitter.

Q: Can I download my own copy of the server?
A: The server isn't even finished yet; when it is, it will be online for members to play on and will not be available for download.

This page was last updated on January 9, 2016.

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