About the Server

Current Server Version: beta 0.8.2 [closed]
Current Minecraft Version: bukkit 1.8.8

Note: The server is currently in a closed beta phase as we work toward the goal of a future public release. Keep your eyes on this page for updates.

The Noctis Fan Server is a whitelisted apply-to-join server which is being called "Modified Survival" by the Superstes Noctis team. The spawn area will be adventure mode, with custom villagers to trade with and other buildings of interest, while the rest of the map will be survival. It will be a friendly, non-PvP server and the rules will be strictly enforced to ensure everyone can have fun if they follow the rules. It will not cost anything to join, but donations will be rewarded in-game. (Items such as Diamonds, Emeralds, etcetera... it has yet to be decided, and we still have to review the Minecraft EULA for public servers regarding what we can and cannot do)

Check out our dedicated YouTube channel here.
Check out our server development videos here

Donate to help get the Fan Server running:
Include your Minecraft username in the "notes" section when donating via PayPal for in-game rewards on Noctis once the server launches!

This page was last updated on January 9, 2016.

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