Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superstes Noctis Twitch Server

A few months ago, a "server" was created in the Curse client for Superstes Noctis. While it was useful, we found it too unpredictable to rely on... but now Twitch owns Curse, and the Curse client has become the Twitch app... so it's time we invite you all to join us there.

The Twitch app allows members of Superstes Noctis, Noctis MC, and anyone interested in either to communicate in a centralized location. The Superstes Noctis Twitch Server is linked to Timothy's Twitch account since he occasionally streams content (and hopes to do so more often in the future) and as such that stream is also available in-app when he is live as well, directly within the Superstes Noctis Twitch Server itself. There are multiple communities on the server, with some available for everyone and others restricted to certain groups of people (for example, the Superstes Noctis voice chat channel is restricted to members of the Superstes Noctis Minecraft Server) depending on the context. If you are interested in Superstes Noctis and/or Noctis MC, we encourage you to check out our Twitch Server and join the community! This should be a great way to communicate going forward and we hope to use it to really start a community.

Click here to download the Twitch App or here to join the Superstes Noctis Twitch ServerThe direct link to our Twitch Server is limited to twenty invites, so if that link doesn't work for you please let us know and we will replace it with a new one. We look forward to you joining us in the Twitch app so we can all work together to survive the night!

This was originally posted on the Superstes Noctis blog, but applies to those interested in Noctis MC as well. Please come join us!

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