Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Development now running 1.11.2

If it isn't painfully apparent already, interest stagnation is a serious problem facing the Noctis build team as we try to get the server ready for launch; if you look at the history of the server's development, you can clearly see that. The amount of work done in all that time is frankly quite embarrassing, although there are definitely a multitude of reasons behind that.

Recently, videos and streams of server development have been making a resurgence! If you're interested in watching livestreams of Noctis server development, head over to timmc94's Twitch.tv Channel to follow and receive notifications when the channel goes live! Highlights from those livestreams, as well as recorded/edited videos, can be found on timmc94's YouTube Channel.

Please be assured that we are still working on bringing Noctis MC to you! If you're interested in joining the server once it goes live, please fill out this form so we know you're interested! We aren't reviewing and accepting players yet, but seeing some interest there would really help push us along toward release. (The number of join requests has been completely abysmal thus far, which doesn't encourage us to keep working) Please remember that playing on Noctis MC will be completely free; the server will be supported by donations, and can be as large or as small as those donations allow. The team will undoubtedly contribute quite a bit to keep it running (as long as there's interest from the community in doing so) but Noctis will not be funded solely by the admins. We have our own server, Superstes Noctis... and as much as we want Noctis to work, we can always host it privately for our own little group if the interest isn't there from others. (That means invite your friends if you want to see Noctis succeed!) Donations will not be required to play (hence being called donations) but will be required to keep things running -- and we will do what we can to give you in-game thanks for donations within Mojang's EULA. Also in keeping with them being donations, we will not be pocketing any of the money that comes in for Noctis; that would be extremely unjust of us, and Noctis is for fun not profit.

Additionally, be on the lookout for a video on the Noctis MC YouTube Channel soon regarding our web presence and how to best get in touch with us! Remember your comments are always welcome on these blog posts as well, provided they are polite.

Thanks again for your support and interest in Noctis. We hope to bring you a server you'll enjoy playing on for years to come after release.

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Donate to support Noctis MC! Leave your Minecraft username in the comments on your donation for in-game benefits (as allowed by Mojang's EULA) once the server launches.

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