Saturday, July 2, 2016

Concerning Updates

When we first started development of the Noctis server, Minecraft 1.8 was still in development (that really shows how long this has taken us, yeah?) and it currently is still running the latest release of 1.8 for compatibility with Bukkit. It's about time to update to 1.10, assuming Bukkit supports that already, but it also involves updating Plug-ins and can cause issues with our current work done with them.

Luckily, we don't have very many Bukkit Plug-ins set up yet anyway, and the existing ones won't break the server world to remove (they'll just erase our custom villagers if removed, and the custom spawn protection also being used currently) but a newer version of the game is important to both development and the final product so we'll be sure to make that change the next time we work on the thing.

I know development has been extremely slow, and we apologize for that. Motivation has been low, especially with such little interest from outside our team, and we still have a lot to do before we can even invite beta testers. The server is still just a spawn area during development anyway. We plan to build more outside the spawn area once that's done too, but we also are trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves as spawn still needs a ton of work done.

The server is not dead. There will be more work done on it and more videos made of that development… and it will be quicker if their is support from the community, so show us you want to play on Noctis and we'll escalate our efforts!

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