Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superstes Noctis Twitch Server

A few months ago, a "server" was created in the Curse client for Superstes Noctis. While it was useful, we found it too unpredictable to rely on... but now Twitch owns Curse, and the Curse client has become the Twitch app... so it's time we invite you all to join us there.

The Twitch app allows members of Superstes Noctis, Noctis MC, and anyone interested in either to communicate in a centralized location. The Superstes Noctis Twitch Server is linked to Timothy's Twitch account since he occasionally streams content (and hopes to do so more often in the future) and as such that stream is also available in-app when he is live as well, directly within the Superstes Noctis Twitch Server itself. There are multiple communities on the server, with some available for everyone and others restricted to certain groups of people (for example, the Superstes Noctis voice chat channel is restricted to members of the Superstes Noctis Minecraft Server) depending on the context. If you are interested in Superstes Noctis and/or Noctis MC, we encourage you to check out our Twitch Server and join the community! This should be a great way to communicate going forward and we hope to use it to really start a community.

Click here to download the Twitch App or here to join the Superstes Noctis Twitch ServerThe direct link to our Twitch Server is limited to twenty invites, so if that link doesn't work for you please let us know and we will replace it with a new one. We look forward to you joining us in the Twitch app so we can all work together to survive the night!

This was originally posted on the Superstes Noctis blog, but applies to those interested in Noctis MC as well. Please come join us!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Development now running 1.11.2

If it isn't painfully apparent already, interest stagnation is a serious problem facing the Noctis build team as we try to get the server ready for launch; if you look at the history of the server's development, you can clearly see that. The amount of work done in all that time is frankly quite embarrassing, although there are definitely a multitude of reasons behind that.

Recently, videos and streams of server development have been making a resurgence! If you're interested in watching livestreams of Noctis server development, head over to timmc94's Channel to follow and receive notifications when the channel goes live! Highlights from those livestreams, as well as recorded/edited videos, can be found on timmc94's YouTube Channel.

Please be assured that we are still working on bringing Noctis MC to you! If you're interested in joining the server once it goes live, please fill out this form so we know you're interested! We aren't reviewing and accepting players yet, but seeing some interest there would really help push us along toward release. (The number of join requests has been completely abysmal thus far, which doesn't encourage us to keep working) Please remember that playing on Noctis MC will be completely free; the server will be supported by donations, and can be as large or as small as those donations allow. The team will undoubtedly contribute quite a bit to keep it running (as long as there's interest from the community in doing so) but Noctis will not be funded solely by the admins. We have our own server, Superstes Noctis... and as much as we want Noctis to work, we can always host it privately for our own little group if the interest isn't there from others. (That means invite your friends if you want to see Noctis succeed!) Donations will not be required to play (hence being called donations) but will be required to keep things running -- and we will do what we can to give you in-game thanks for donations within Mojang's EULA. Also in keeping with them being donations, we will not be pocketing any of the money that comes in for Noctis; that would be extremely unjust of us, and Noctis is for fun not profit.

Additionally, be on the lookout for a video on the Noctis MC YouTube Channel soon regarding our web presence and how to best get in touch with us! Remember your comments are always welcome on these blog posts as well, provided they are polite.

Thanks again for your support and interest in Noctis. We hope to bring you a server you'll enjoy playing on for years to come after release.

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Donate to support Noctis MC! Leave your Minecraft username in the comments on your donation for in-game benefits (as allowed by Mojang's EULA) once the server launches.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Concerning Updates

When we first started development of the Noctis server, Minecraft 1.8 was still in development (that really shows how long this has taken us, yeah?) and it currently is still running the latest release of 1.8 for compatibility with Bukkit. It's about time to update to 1.10, assuming Bukkit supports that already, but it also involves updating Plug-ins and can cause issues with our current work done with them.

Luckily, we don't have very many Bukkit Plug-ins set up yet anyway, and the existing ones won't break the server world to remove (they'll just erase our custom villagers if removed, and the custom spawn protection also being used currently) but a newer version of the game is important to both development and the final product so we'll be sure to make that change the next time we work on the thing.

I know development has been extremely slow, and we apologize for that. Motivation has been low, especially with such little interest from outside our team, and we still have a lot to do before we can even invite beta testers. The server is still just a spawn area during development anyway. We plan to build more outside the spawn area once that's done too, but we also are trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves as spawn still needs a ton of work done.

The server is not dead. There will be more work done on it and more videos made of that development… and it will be quicker if their is support from the community, so show us you want to play on Noctis and we'll escalate our efforts!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome to Beta

Beta is here! We've decided to incorporate Bukkit into the server and start working on plugins for the release of the server, which we said would bookmark beta for us. Work on spawn continues, and with the addition of plugins we are starting to really see the server come to life.

If you are interested in seeing what we've been up to, a video is going up on my YouTube Channel Monday, January 11, 2016 titled "The Redstone Academy" which is episode eight of the Server Creator: Building the Noctis Fan Server series on the development of the server. I recommend you watch the entire playlist if you want some background on the server and behind-the-scenes footage of its creation... and I don't just say that because I made the videos. The link to this newest video is available here.

The server is as of this moment labeled as version 0.8.2, which doesn't really matter all that much but helps me keep track of changes made and organizing my backup files. Beta began with the initialization of Bukkit on the server with 0.8.0, and I've added and removed several plugins in the search for the perfect fit for Noctis.

The major issue I'm having at the moment is finding a good economy plugin, so if you know of one I would greatly appreciate your help! We want an economy that uses some sort of point system, so you don't need to carry around a bunch of items to trade with; the problem there is that most of those shop plugins allow access to the shops anywhere on the map, and we want to restrict them to interactions with physical shops in the spawn area. The kind of plugin we are looking for is an easily-customizable plugin with point-based economy and villager sales using points rather than physical items, although physical item trades may also exist on the server in certain instances.

I'd like to also remind you that we are still planning to eventually have an open beta for some of you to come try out the server! We don't know when this will be, as we need to finish spawn and work out the plugins first, but we want to "test the waters" so to speak with a smaller group of players before officially releasing Noctis into the wild. We will have some sort of in-game rewards available for those of you who help us test the server before launch!

Thank you for sticking with us through this long development period, as we are just three people with lives and work outside this fun project we've embarked on. Remember that while it will not cost money to join Noctis, we will require donations to keep it running since we cannot afford to pay monthly for a server of this magnitude (whatever that magnitude ends up being, based on how many people are interested in the server) without assistance from the community; we are limited in how we can reward players for donations due to Mojang's EULA for Minecraft servers now, but we will do what we legally can to show thanks if you let us know your Minecraft username in the "notes" section of your donation through PayPal. Thanks again, and we look forward to playing with you on the finished server!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Approaching Beta

As was mentioned previously, two conditions have to be met for us to move from our Closed Alpha to the Closed Beta: the final release of Minecraft 1.8 and Bukkit support for 1.8 as well. Mojang recently released 1.8-pre1, which means the final release is expected very soon! Once we are running the final release of 1.8, we will be able to do a lot more work on the server; once Bukkit supports the new release, we will install it after a backup and move to the Closed Beta stage to set that up. Once the server seems to be in order and running, we'd love to do an Open Beta and invite people who have applied to join the server to test it with us… but we need more applications for that to be a possibility! Remember that applying is free (although donations are appreciated and we cannot launch without them) and the link to the join form is accessible from the Noctis MC website!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hosting Options

The server is still in the Closed Alpha stage, but we continue to move forward! We are ready at this point to progress to the Closed Beta stage as soon as Mojang publicly releases 1.8 and Bukkit is updated to support it as well. Once that has happened, it's just a matter of how long it will take to set up the desired plug-ins... and at that point, our plan is to progress to an Open Beta where those with accepted applications will hopefully be able to start playing on the server so we can test our setup and fix any issues with that before hitting our 1.0.0 release!

As we wait for Mojang's final release of 1.8, research into hosting options has begun. We will likely use the same hosting service we use for the main Superstes Noctis server -- MCPro Hosting -- and choose one of their plans that supports Bukkit servers. In order to choose a plan, we will need a rough estimate of how much interest people have in joining at the beginning phase of the server. Applying at this point can potentially gain you access to our open beta, so please click here to fill out an application if you haven't done so already! We are not sure at this point how applications will work after the 1.0.0 launch, so your best chance to get access to the server is to apply before it is public.

While we continue to wait, (sorry about that, we're going as fast as we can!) be sure to check out timmc94's videos on the development on this server. We also have a dedicated YouTube channel which we plan to upload videos to also, at a later date.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Now Accepting Applications!

While we are not yet ready to review your applications and make any decisions on whether or not you can join, our form for signup is available now and we would love to get your feedback!

In fact, early responses would really help us figure things out earlier in regards to how many people want to join and knowing a bit about the applicants, including their play styles.

Click here to fill out an application!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you can send us an email at and we will act accordingly. Thanks again for your continuing support of the server, and we cannot wait to be in-game with you later this year!

Donate to the Noctis Fan Server:
Leave your Minecraft username for in-game benefits once the server launches!

Without your support through donations, the Noctis Fan Server cannot exist. Please consider a donation of whatever amount you can afford to give!