Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hosting Options

The server is still in the Closed Alpha stage, but we continue to move forward! We are ready at this point to progress to the Closed Beta stage as soon as Mojang publicly releases 1.8 and Bukkit is updated to support it as well. Once that has happened, it's just a matter of how long it will take to set up the desired plug-ins... and at that point, our plan is to progress to an Open Beta where those with accepted applications will hopefully be able to start playing on the server so we can test our setup and fix any issues with that before hitting our 1.0.0 release!

As we wait for Mojang's final release of 1.8, research into hosting options has begun. We will likely use the same hosting service we use for the main Superstes Noctis server -- MCPro Hosting -- and choose one of their plans that supports Bukkit servers. In order to choose a plan, we will need a rough estimate of how much interest people have in joining at the beginning phase of the server. Applying at this point can potentially gain you access to our open beta, so please click here to fill out an application if you haven't done so already! We are not sure at this point how applications will work after the 1.0.0 launch, so your best chance to get access to the server is to apply before it is public.

While we continue to wait, (sorry about that, we're going as fast as we can!) be sure to check out timmc94's videos on the development on this server. We also have a dedicated YouTube channel which we plan to upload videos to also, at a later date.

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