Saturday, August 23, 2014

Approaching Beta

As was mentioned previously, two conditions have to be met for us to move from our Closed Alpha to the Closed Beta: the final release of Minecraft 1.8 and Bukkit support for 1.8 as well. Mojang recently released 1.8-pre1, which means the final release is expected very soon! Once we are running the final release of 1.8, we will be able to do a lot more work on the server; once Bukkit supports the new release, we will install it after a backup and move to the Closed Beta stage to set that up. Once the server seems to be in order and running, we'd love to do an Open Beta and invite people who have applied to join the server to test it with us… but we need more applications for that to be a possibility! Remember that applying is free (although donations are appreciated and we cannot launch without them) and the link to the join form is accessible from the Noctis MC website!

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